Tribal Island Announces Launch of Gamefi Official Version on Bscchain

by Jacquelyn Lehner

Location, June 14, 2023 — Building on the success of their recent token listing on Pancake Swap,, the leading blockchain-based gaming platform, announces the release of its GameFi official version on the BSCChain, set to launch on June 20th. This milestone is a significant move for on its mission to redefine the gaming industry by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

A pioneer in Web3 gaming,, is renowned for its innovative double encryption economic model. This unique approach rewards players for their in-game activities, from building and breeding monsters to forming alliances, battling, and resource acquisition. The platform’s dual-token mechanism ($TIT+$TIC) offers a robust asset and liquidity structure, further enhancing the game’s ecological value.

“The launch of our GameFi official version on the BSCChain is a major step forward in our roadmap. We’re thrilled to offer players a unique, engaging gaming experience that also provides them the potential to earn. Our integration with BSCChain expands the reach of our platform, enabling more gamers worldwide to join our thriving community,” said Giampiero Lapeschi, CEO of emphasizes personalization and social interaction. In version 3.0 of Tribal Island, Players have the freedom to design their islands, form alliances, and engage in resource battles. The project fosters an active community that can discuss each other’s islands, promoting cooperation, competition, and vibrant engagement. The GameFi official version will further enrich these interactive elements, creating a more dynamic and immersive gaming ecosystem.

The platform’s GameFi model allows players to pledge NFT assets to LP and generate returns of different values, blending the excitement of gaming with the prospect of investment. The NFT Land feature also provides players with the opportunity to become landlords within the game universe, utilizing their land for various activities, from farming to raising monsters, mining, and resource collection.’s captivating features extend to the NFT collection, PVP and PVE battles, the World Main House, and a unique lottery mechanism. Players can showcase their collected monsters and items on the Tribal Island, participate in thrilling battles for significant rewards, and join the community governance by holding $TIT tokens.

The official version of GameFi on the BSCChain marks an exciting milestone in’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the gaming experience. Upcoming developments include enhancements to PVP gameplay design, the unveiling of new NFT character original painting designs, the introduction of initial proposals for tribe social gameplay, and the creation of more trading scenarios.

These improvements lay the groundwork for the next phase of gameplay.’s continuous optimization ensures a sustainable gaming platform for its players, reinforcing its commitment to excellence and innovation in the rapidly expanding field of blockchain gaming.

As the GameFi official version launches on the BSCChain, the entire team extends a warm invitation to all players, investors, and blockchain enthusiasts to become part of this groundbreaking gaming revolution.

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About is a revolutionary blockchain-based gaming platform that merges gaming, social networking, and blockchain technology. With a strong emphasis on user participation and community development, continues to push the boundaries of blockchain gaming.

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