Intercoin Launch App To Make Crypto Mainstream

by Daniel Lee
Intercoin Launch App To Make Crypto Mainstream


Intercoin is aiming to be the next step in digital money and deploying the new Intercoin App to take a step further towards that goal
NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / June 28, 2021 / Intercoin has announced the launch of the new Intercoin app to be released in the coming months. The purpose of the app is to deliver many different functions that will empower communities to independently manage their own micro-society and economy. The app will grant communities a customizable space that can fill their every need, including facilitating the disbursement of “Community Coins” minted on the Intercoin Network.

Despite the huge increase in users of blockchain technology, the use of crypto as a true everyday currency, capable of being used in micro-transactions, still seems a long way off. Intercoin has the ambition to fill that role. Intercoin provides communities the ability to mint their own Community Coin that will exist on the Intercoin network. Energy output will be dramatically decreased because instead of validating every transaction on every node, the Intercoin is shardable down to individual indivisible coins.
This makes intercoin infinitely scalable. The method removes the bottleneck that exists in almost every other cryptocurrencies and makes it efficient enough that it can be used in everyday microtransactions. As the adoption of crypto continues to grow, the need for technology like Intercoin is producing becomes more and more apparent.
To facilitate the rollout of the Intercoin ecosystem, Intercoin will be releasing the Intercoin App. The app is designed to empower people to manage and govern their own communities. It will do this by providing a suite of features and applications that Communities can engage in together. This will include managing roles, permissions, and the issuance of “Community Coins” minted on the Intercoin Network.
The goal of the Intercoin App is to make engaging in everyday cryptocurrency easy and user-friendly. It will combine some of the newest developments in economics, regulations, and technology. The app will present users with an easy-to-use interface that allows them to launch, manage and deploy all the available community features.
Initially, Intercoin tokens will be paid to nodes that facilitate the ecosystem and invite users to join the network. Ultimately, Intercoin will come to be used as a bridge and reserve currency to collateralize synthetic community tokens that will exist in the intercoin ecosystem.
To further adoption of the app, Intercoin will also be launching the Intercoin Show in order to teach people how the Intercoin technology functions. The show will feature interviews and explanations of the latest developments in blockchain, cryptocurrency, and smart contracts. Users will be invited to submit their own stories and be featured on the show.
About Intercoin
Intercoin is the next step in the evolution of money. Many economic and technological hurdles make a global blockchain currency unsuitable as means of making micropayments. However, Intercoin has a commitment to making blockchain transactions a part of everyday life. Intercoin provides a platform that gives local communities and businesses the ability to create their own economy backed by Intercoin’s native token, the ITR token. More than anything, Intercoin empowers localities to be the masters of their own fiscal strategy.
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