‘Has Crypto Gone Mainstream?’ CrowdTrendz Conducts Extensive Surveys To Find Out

by Daniel Lee

CrowdTrendz vision is to be the world’s most trustable and relevant crowd insights platform for cryptocurrency. The company has been serving people with reliable and up to date information and data collected from real people.
What does CrowdTrendz do?
It conducts surveys and polls at a global and national level to answer intriguing questions or to clear prevalent doubts in the area of cryptocurrency. It functions with US and UK audiences and has performed a few types of research which have turned out to be helpful for crypto entrepreneurs and enthusiasts.
Every quarter of a year, CrowdTrendz asks a global panel a series of questions related to cryptocurrency. The answers are recorded anonymously and analysed by experts to give out meaningful and reliable insights. Their data is fit for any purpose be it education, professional or personal. Their findings are also published and is available for the public to view.
Crypto USA Research
It recently completed its Crypto USA programme in which it attempted to answer the question ‘has crypto gone mainstream in the USA?’. The research had 247 responses and it concluded that 90.3% of the respondents had heard about cryptocurrencies. Apart from crypto the study also revealed other data like 50.7% of the respondents who have heard about crypto use an iPhone, and that the ratio of male and female among those who have heard about crypto is fairly balanced (51.6% females and 48.4% male)
The Pre-Qualifying Question
This is the essential first question that will determine if the respondent is qualified enough to answer the rest of the questionnaire. It is also the one that can answer the research question predominantly.
Degree of Agreement Questions
The questions that follow the qualifier are ‘how much do you agree with the following statements?’.  Some of the myth debunking questions include Cryptocurrency is real money that can be used for payments, Cryptocurrencies are a good investment, Cryptocurrencies are just a fad and will fade away and similar others.
To participate in CrowdTrendz’s researches, head over to https://crowdtrendz.co.uk/

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